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The Empire State Building Was Showing Rainbow Colors Last Night

New York senate passed the gay marriage bill in a 33 to 29 vote. Just on hour after that The Empire State Building was covered with multicolored rainbow lights. If you are wondering how the staff of the building was ready to swift on the rainbow lights, here’s the answer.

The Atlantic reports:

As it turns out, those responsible for the building have been prepared. And not necessarily because they anticipated that the bill would finally pass on Friday night. They were ready to flick the switch because the lights had been changed or installed more than six months ago when the building was last seen sporting that fabulous purple and red glow. Not for Gay Pride, which is celebrated in June across the United States, but for a Furthur show, according to Phish message boards.

Mashable writes aboout the Rainbow Empire State Building picture (featured in this post) that went Viral on Twitter, which actually was not taken last night.

A picture of the Empire State Building bathed in rainbow lights is spreading like wildfire, thanks to the tonight?s passage of a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in New York. And while New York?s tallest building is rainbow colored at the moment, it wasn?t a last-minute change…

…The picture definitely wasn?t taken today, though. The exact same image has been around for at least a week and may in fact be older. In fact, it?s been cloudy all day in New York City and a layer of fog currently surrounds the Empire State Building, so there?s no way this picture was taken today.

The tower is, in fact, multicolored tonight, but not because of the gay marriage bill. It is actually Pride Week in New York City, and the Empire State Building was already scheduled to be lit up in rainbow lights for the weekend

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