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Preview Stills Of Matt Zarley’s Upcoming Music Video ‘Perfect’

Here are a few preview stills of the upcoming music video for “Perfect” off Matt Zarley’s new album “Change Begins With Me”

In our exclusive interview with Matt Zarley talked about his next single “Perfect”:

?Perfect? is probably one of the most relatable tracks, I think. It?s also very me. 🙂 I wanted to showcase the romantic side of me as an artist; which is big part of who I am.

He also revealed some details about the music video:

The video is so sweet and romantic. It?s very simple. The video features real life couples (once again, my real friends). The setting is a summer BBQ and all these different types of couples (gay, straight, men, women, kids) coming together for one event. It?s a subtle statement of how different we are yet how united we also are.

Matt Zarley?s? album ?Change Begins With Me? is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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