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Spanish Gay Web Series Gayxample

The first episode of the new gay series GAYXAMPLE just premiered on the internet. Each episode last aprox. 20 minutes and will be shown every Saturday on the web, on www.Gayxample.net.

GAYXAMPLE (pronounced GAY-SHAM-PLEH) is a reflection of our daily lives, showing scenes of the gay, lesbian and transgender world from a homosexual perspective, with all its joys and sorrows.

Every day homosexuality seems to be more accepted and normal in our society. However it is usually seen in a very stereotypical way. On top of this there are many areas of the world where being gay it is not accepted yet. In Gayxample we want to offer the audience something which comes straight from our own experiences as gay men and lesbians and which isn’t distorted by homophobic society.

GAYXAMPLE will show the world a realistic view of the tolerance and respect that can be felt, not only in the ?Gayxample? (the gay area of the Eixample – a district of Barcelona), but also in the rest of Catalonia and Spain. GAYXAMPLE is an international project in Spanish that has been subtitled in English, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch and Italian in order to be accessible internationally (more than 1.8 billion people understand at least one of those languages).

Gayxample will be broadcast on the web. Internet broadcasting is already with us and is clearly the future. It has a potential range of at least thirty times more than traditional television. In addition, on the internet, transparency is total, there is no censorship. And last but not least it is also less expensive.

GAYXAMPLE wants to entertain and at the same time leave an imprint on the viewer regardless of their sexual preference. Everybody, either directly on indirectly, will identify themselves with one of the characters.

Watch the first episode here

The director Giuseppe Storelli states: ?I wanted to do something that was a contribution to a society where we could live together respecting each other. Often we judge according to cliches and I wanted people to see things from a different point of view through GAYXAMPLE.

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