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Kylie’s Aphrodite Les Follies Tour In 3D

Grab you glasses and set you 3D TV because Kylie new tour is popping out the screen. Kylie’s fans will be able to watch Aphrodite Les Follies Tour in 3D.

DannyBlahBlah from SoSoGay has the exclusive:

Kylie ? Aphrodite-Les Folies was recorded in 3D at the star?s final date at London?s O2 Arena, and will be broadcast on Sky 3D on 19 June at 7.00pm.

The Aphrodite-Les Folies show was a global hit, with So So Gay giving it four stars and describing it as a great success. If you missed it, or want to relive it, the 90- minute 3D show is as close as you can get. It features Kylie performing favourite hits including ?Can?t Get You Out Of My Head?, ?Better The Devil You Know?, ?Slow? and ?All The Lovers?, along with all the costume changes and camp excess that our correspondent described as ?the gay equivalent to Lourdes?.

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