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Come Fly With Me.

The best Christmas gift I could ever ask for! -You would think it?s a one night stand with Hugh Jackman but no, this is way better-

BBC has announced that the talented Matt Lucas and David Walliams will return to tv in a brand-new comedy series title ?Come Fly With Me? starting on Christmas day.

Your view of airports and the people who work there will never be the same again, as the BBC’s cameras have been given unprecedented access to one of Britain’s busiest airport terminals.

For months, the producers have followed anyone and everyone to produce this portrait of life at the cutting edge of aviation. from check-in staff to cabin crew, from pilots to paparazzi, and from low-cost airline owners to their unfortunate passengers, all human life is here – and all played by Lucas and Walliams.


I can?t wait, this is awesome! I am such a huge fan of the little Britain series- my most precious possession is a Vicky Pollard talking doll- I?m going to learn all the catchy phrases, the voices and everything about all these new characters. This is so exciting. I am going to laugh so hard, I?m going to end up with a stomach pain.

So enjoy the trailer and meet some of the characters. To watch more clips visit BBC Website.