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British Actor Charlie Condou Discusses Gay Parenting

Coronation Street star Charlie Condou discusses being a gay celebrity dad in an article for the Guardian UK. The actor reveals many details about the relationship he has with his partner and the mother of his child.

Here’s an excerpt:

Gay celebrity dad. It’s funny because those first two words seem to dictate everything about the way the world reacts to me these days, and yet they are in many ways meaningless to me. I don’t feel like a gay dad, any more than I feel like a celebrity dad. When I’m with my family, caring for my daughter, watching the little bean jump around on the ultrasound screen, I just feel like a “dad”. My day-to-day experience of the ups and downs of parenting are the same as everyone else’s. I feel the same frustration as any other parent when my daughter fills her nappy just as we’re heading out of the door, and the same ridiculous pride when she lisps her way through Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

Even our shared residence arrangements with her mother are not really any different from those of millions of divorced and separated parents. Perhaps because my own upbringing is a far-from-unusual 21st-century jumble of step-parents and half-siblings, the quirkiness of my current situation feels unremarkable.

And yet, at least to the wider world, it is remarkable. And, because of that, I feel that maybe I do have some responsibility to open up, to talk about my life, and to let strangers ask personal questions.

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Next week Charlie Condou will start writing a new weekly column titled “The Three of Us”, for The Guardian UK