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And True Blood’s Mysterious Character Involved In A Gay Affair IS…

Last night was the anticipated premiere of True blood season 4 first episode, and we finally found the identity of the lead straight character involved in a gay romance. Sorry guys, it’s not one of the sexy hunks, this is one goes for the gals! ‘Tara’?played by the talented actress Rutina Wesley is the one in a very sexy lesbian relationship!

The Hollywood reporterhas an exclusive interview with the actress Rutina Wesley and the director Alan Ball:

?We felt like it was time for Tara to stop being the victim,? Creator Alan Ball tells us. ?It was time for Tara to really take charge of her life in a way that would be surprising and would give us some fun places to go story wise. We thought, ?If somebody has been through something like that, maybe they would be prompted to create a whole new life and identity.? And why not??

Wesley says she was surprised at first by her character?s storyline this season, but it began making sense to her. ?After I thought about it, I was like I can see that,? she tells us.

?She?s got some new skin so to speak and she?s living life to its fullest and I think that?s a beautiful thing honestly to see a person go through that sort of change,? she adds. ?Without putting any labels to it, she sort of fallen in love and that?s OK, you know. I just think that?s amazing.?

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