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Swedish Gay Footballer Anton Hys?n Defends His Father Speech

Giles Richards and Marcus Christenson from Guardian UK report:

The former Liverpool defender Glenn Hysen seemed like an unlikely candidate to give the opening speech of the 2007 Pride Festival in Stockholm. Large parts of the gay community were in uproar because of an incident six years earlier, when he had become embroiled in a fight with another man who had tried “to touch him” in the toilets of an airport.

Four years later and we know why Hysen wanted to make that speech. In a revealing interview with the respected Swedish football magazine Offside (offside.org), Hysen’s son Anton became the first Swedish footballer at a high level to come out. It was a groundbreaking decision. In the UK, Gareth Thomas (rugby league) and Steven Davies (cricket) have come out during the past year. But the footballers, for the time being, are staying silent.

This is how Anton explained the reasons behind his decision: “Until now only my family and friends have known about my sexuality ? well I think so, at least. That was the funniest thing when my dad made that speech. When he was talking about ‘a 16-year-old who didn’t want to come out because he feared what his team?mates would think’, that was me. And people thought it so bloody strange that he was allowed to speak at the Pride Festival, that he was a homophobe and so on. Shit, they were so wrong

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