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Meet Seth Pamperin Carroll University’s Openly Gay Tennis Captain

Seth Pamperin is captain of the Carroll University men?s tennis team, with an impressive winning record throughout his collegiate career. He’s a gay athlete that came out publicly in sports with no negative repercussions for his career.

In an interview with Cyd Zeigler for OutSports Seth Pamperin talk about his coming out story. Here are some extracts.

On realizing he was gay:

I had always known since I was young that I was different. In middle school I had thought about it and in high school I knew. About my sophomore/junior year I had a firm understanding I was. That?s when I came out to my parents and a couple of close friends.

On negative reactions from being openly gay in sports:

I haven?t had any external negative reactions. Internal reactions have been tough. My junior year I had to fight for LGBTQ equality on my campus which trickled over to my season which did not help because I was still focused on what I had done to help my university change for the better.

On positive reactions from being openly gay in sports:

My coach and boss at one of the camps I worked gave me a great reaction. He immediately started talking about Billie Jean King, which I kind of thought was funny. He said she overcame so much in her career and that I can do the same. My coach in college also has helped me develop not only as a tennis player but as a man. He has seen me at my worst on the court and he has seen me at my best. When I came out to him I was having a hard time connecting to my team and he helped me turn that around. I probably was the first person that had come out to him and I could tell he was a little nervous, but since then our relationship has steadily improved.

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