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Mr Gay World/Mr Gay Europe: Mr Gay team work?

PRESS RELEASE: This summer Mr Gay World and Mr Gay Europe are being produced back to back on the European continent, but this is not the only thing these two competitions have in common as of today.

As you may have noticed, the Mr Gay World webpage has got a new layout, and if you go to Mr Gay Europe you might see a certain resemblance. This is because as of now, the two webpages have the same editor and webmaster.

The president of Mr Gay World, Mr Eric Butter, is the Editor-in-Chief of MrGayWorld.com, and equally, the president of Mr Gay Europe Mr Tore Aasheim is the Editor-in-Chief of MrGayEurope.com, but in the name of co-operation both the webpages are now operated by Move On Productions.

Even if the two competitions are different in many ways, they also have a lot in common, and we hope that this joint venture makes it easier for delegates, producers and sponsors to get in touch with us, separately or together.

? Mr Gay World and Mr Gay Europe are two independent events with different rules, different organizations and of course, Mr Gay Europe has delegates exclusively from the European continent while Mr Gay World is open to delegates from all over the world. But together we have fans all over the world, a lot of people visit our websites every month, which in turn creates possibilities for sponsors and commercial stakeholders, Mr Eric Butter says.

? Since both competitions are based on voluntary work and are strictly non-profit we totally rely on sponsors, friends, fans and supporters, thus we want to present good and informative websites to both camps, Mr Butter explains further.

? Mr Gay Europe changes the name of our Flickr feed from Mr Gay Europe to Mr Gay Media. This is because friends, fans and members of the media no can go to this feed and pick up photos from Mr Gay World and Mr Gay Europe free of charge. These images can be used in print and online as long as they are credited to the photographer and Mr Gay World or Mr Gay Europe.

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