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Spain Develops A “More Powerful” HIV Vaccine

Researchers in Spain have developed one of the ?most powerful? prototypes for an AIDS vaccine.

Fox Latino news has the report:

A team of Spanish researchers has developed a prototype of a vaccine against the AIDS-causing HIV virus that is “much more powerful” than those made to date.

The feat was made public Wednesday at a press conference by those responsible for the research, Mariano Esteban, of the National Biotechnology Center of Spain’s CSIC research council; Felipe Garcia, with Barcelona’s Clinic Hospital; and Juan Carlos Lopez Bernaldo de Quiros, with Madrid’s Gregorio Mara?on Hospital.

After showing a high level of efficiency in mice and monkeys, testing was begun in humans a year ago and during the first phase the vaccine was administered to 30 healthy people selected from among 370 volunteers.

The study was “random and double blind,” that is to say that researchers did not decide which subjects would receive the vaccine and which would receive the placebo, and the people in the study also did not know which one they were receiving, said Lopez Bernaldo de Quiros.

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