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Digitas Unveils Industry’s First Large-Scale Research On LGBT Mobile Device Behavior

Study Reveals How LGBT Consumers Are Leading The Mobile Era; Digitas Urges Brands to Drive LGBT Marketing

BOSTON,?June 10, 2013?/PRNewswire/ –?A new study by Digitas, a digitally led, integrated brand agency, finds that LGBT individuals and families are embracing the “mobile first” way by adopting smartphones and tablets to manage family households, plan and book travel, and leverage mobile shopping technology. Digitas partnered with Community Marketing, Inc. (CMI) to survey 1,595 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender respondents with mobile devices in?the United States, ages 18 and older. The findings demonstrate that LGBT mobile device users have a higher understanding and level of activity with mobile devices compared to general population users.

“LGBT consumers have made mobile devices an integral part of how they manage their lives. They have become a bellwether for the entire population, providing a preview of what’s to come as more consumers embrace mobile connectivity,” said?Chia Chen, senior vice president and mobile practice lead at Digitas.

“Digitas commissioned this survey because there is shockingly little research around LGBT mobile consumers in this mobile era. We call on brands and marketers to recognize and develop marketing strategies for this segment of our population who are making mobile moments a priority in their everyday lives,” said?Tony Weisman, CEO, Digitas North America. “The equality movement is fast and furious, and Digitas is dedicated to pushing our clients and the industry forward to eliminate these missed opportunities.”

“We applaud Digitas’ commitment to educating the advertising industry on the relevance and purchasing power of LGBT consumers, especially those growing couples now with children. We hope this new data eliminates hesitations from marketers and brands and makes the LGBT community a priority,” says?Jeff Krehely, vice president of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Of the LGBT mobile device owners surveyed, the findings revealed:

Today’s LGBT are mobile-first, early technology adaptors and cross-generational users

  • LGBT live in a post-PC world:?56% chose to use a mobile device over a “desktop” or “laptop” compared to a year ago.
  • Early mobile adaptors:?51% of LGBT mobile device users have used a smartphone or tablet for three years or more. This is nearly twice as much as compared to the general population at 28%1
  • Mobile-proficient seniors:?21% of LGBT mobile device users ages 65+ have used a smartphone or tablet for five years or more
  • Coming out mobile: 35% of LGBT ages 18?24 have used a mobile device in coming out. Across all age groups, of those polled who said their mobile device played a role in their coming-out process, 70% used Facebook
  • Apple loyalty:?55% of LGBT mobile users own and use iPhones versus Androids (40%); 30% own and use iPads versus Android Tablet (13%). This constitutes a reversal of general population findings2

Today’s modern mobile family embraces smartphones and tablets everyday

  • Running a household on mobile: LGBT families rely on mobile devices to manage activities in their households ? 49% coordinate calendars, 47% coordinate locations, 32% manage family finances, and 27% share to-do lists
  • A gaming family:?61% of LGBT parents say that they purchase mobile games for their children
  • More mobile kids:?85% of children under the age of 18 with LGBT parents own or have access to a mobile device

Today’s mobile LGBT traveler frequently books and plans their trips on their mobile device
Of LGBT mobile device users who have traveled in the past 12 months:

  • 30% have planned a flight from their mobile device in the past 30 days; 23% have purchased a flight/airfare from their mobile device in the past three months
  • 26% have planned a hotel stay from their mobile device in the past 30 days; 25% have purchased a hotel stay from their mobile device in the past three months

Mobile actions of the LGBT traveler on their most recent trip away from home are on average more than twice as active compared to similar general population studies.3

  • 63% searched for restaurants
  • 59% updated Facebook
  • 51% checked a flight status
  • 46% explored local activities
  • 39% checked in for flights
  • 35% searched for shops

Today’s LGBT mobile shopper dominates with purchase and behavior powers
Gay men and lesbians are twice as likely to use mobile shopping technology than their straight counterparts4

  • Use retail store apps (gay men: 36%; lesbians: 30%)
  • Shop for and buy items on their mobile phone (gay men: 32%; lesbians 29%)
  • Use shopping apps on their phone (gay men: 38%; lesbians: 28%)
  • Use their mobile phone to scan and find the best price in town for a specific item (gay men: 39%; lesbians: 32%)

Top LGBT retail mobile behaviors rank high above general population comparisons

  • 84% have used a store locator to find a store
  • 75% have researched items before purchasing
  • 67% have read a review on a recent or future purchase
  • 67% have checked prices
  • 59% have purchased an item on a website on a mobile device
  • 59% have used a device to make a payment
  • 53% have used a mobile coupon

Survey methodology
Respondents were recruited from CMI’s proprietary research panel of 70,000 LGBT people worldwide. The survey was made available through an e-mail invitation to a subset of CMI’s research panelists with an incentive of a chance to win one of five$100?cash prizes. A total of 1,977 participants started the survey but 382 were branched out because they did not own a mobile device (19%). A total of 1,595 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender respondents in?the United States?completed the entire survey on mobile technology ownership and use. The 10-minute online survey was conducted in?May 2013?and participant invitations were balanced by age, gender, and state of residence to reflect other research on the overall makeup of the LGBT community in?the United States. For the complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact[email protected].

About CMI
Community Marketing, Inc. (CMI) is a San Francisco?based, LGBT-owned and operated research and marketing company founded in 1992, serving clients throughout the U.S.,?Canada,?Europe, and?Australia. CMI has conducted research and provided strategic consulting for leading brands including Prudential, Wells Fargo Bank, Target, Gallo Wineries, Wyndham, Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group, Travelocity, Chicago History Museum, American Cancer Society, U.S. Census Bureau, and dozens of other leading organizations and brands.

About DigitasLBi
DigitasLBi, the leading, “most complete” global?digital?agency network partners with some of the foremost marketers and brands in the world. Also a top-ten global agency, DigitasLBi comprises of 5,700 best-in-class digital and technology experts in 25 countries around the world.

In 2012, Digitas and LBi received a combined total of more than 200 awards globally including two Cannes Lions Grand Prix’s and a SXSW People’s Choice Award. Digitas was also recently named?OMMA?Agency of the Year for 2012 and LBi was named UK Digital Agency of the Year for 2012 by?Marketing?magazine. Digitas?USA?operates the brand content platform The Third Act:, producers of the first and most renowned event on digital content,?The NewFront.

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