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Armie Hammer On Kissing Leonado DiCaprio

Armie Hammer had an interviewwith ET Canada in wish he talks about kissing Leonardo DiCaprio in the new, J. Edgar Biopic. Here’s what he said.

About the reaction of his wife:

?When I signed on to do the movie, she was thrilled that I just didn?t have to kiss another woman!?

About the kissing scenes:

?It?s the same kind of thing as if you walk onto a set and they hand you a machine gun and [say], ?Shoot this like you know what you?re doing? – you can?t grab that thing and go, ?uh?? – you kind of have to go, ?Okay, I know what I?m doing,? and you?ve just got to go for it. It wasn?t that weird – I have never kissed a guy – it?s not something I?m going to do in my private life, but at the end of it I was, like, man, there is a lot of weird hype.?

About his relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio:

“You always have a special relationship with someone when you finish a movie with them, but?he?s got a bunch of stuff he is doing after that, I?ve got a bunch of stuff I?m doing?.we didn?t start a book club together or anything,?