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Winnipeg Celebrate Pride With Queer Beer

Pride Winnipeg and Half Pints Brewing Co. have teamed up to produce a special-edition of Queer Beer.

Winnipeg Sun reports:

Winnipeggers said a great big cheers to Queer Beer Thursday, snapping up the locally made specialty brew the second it hit the shelves.

Half Pints Brewing Co. produced the beer to celebrate the upcoming Pride Winnipeg festival, but the beer?s launch at two city liquor stores Thursday proved so popular that the festival?s entire bottled supply was gone within hours.

?We went through what we had earmarked for the entire festival in about two hours,? said Nicole Rudge, CEO of Half Pints. ?We?re working like mad to get additional beer bottled and labelled.?

Rudge said the response wasn?t just big in Winnipeg, but across North America, in part due to a Winnipeg Sun story Wednesday that touted the beer?s launch.

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