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Toronto Pride Promotional Video Criticized

Tourism Toronto in partnership with Toronto Pride has released a hilarious video to inviate people to the gay pride festival.

With a parade that is watched by over 1 million festival goers annually, Toronto Pride has grown into one of the largest Pride Celebrations in the world. Championing the rights of all facets of Toronto?s diverse queer community, from Family Pride to the Dyke March to the Trans March to a boisterous street festival with everything in between, Toronto Pride has something for every queer.

The video has been criticized for showing over-sexed images and inaporpiated jokes. Toronto Life points out that the video is reinforcing gay stereotypes:

In the video, instructor Brody wears skintight shorts to show off his glistening oil-rubbed skin, promoting a gym lifestyle centred on the fact that all gay men and women want is ?the best chest.? Amid ?sparkle crunches,? a ?disco break,? a requisite ?bear? appearance and a lesbian who is grossed out by a penis (some may be surprised to note that this woman has a deep voice), we can?t help but wonder how out of touch (or straight?) the person who cooked up Pride Toronto?s painful-to-watch and setting-back-the-movement promotional video was. If gay activism is on the rise, how will the community be taken seriously if the organization that fronts the city?s largest gay celebration backs these old-hat, shouldn?t-be jokes? If they were looking to shoot fish in a barrel, why didn?t the Pride committee just hire Big Gay Al?

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