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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Skipping The City?s Pride Parade

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said Wednesday he will not attend the Pride Parade or any other Pride Week events. Instead he will be with his family at the cottage.

Toronto Sun reports:

Toronto?s gay community reacted with mixed feelings to Mayor Rob Ford?s announcement Wednesday that he would be skipping the city?s Pride Parade.

?I think it?s atrocious,? community member Kira Vallen said. ?He?s more or less snubbing pride in the wrong way…Hate to say it but it?s kind of anti-gay, isn?t it??

After telling reporters he would be ?up north? at his cottage, Ford received responses ranging from anger to understanding to indifference from members of the Village at Church and Wellesley Sts., Toronto?s largest LGBT neighbourhood.

The Global and Mail adds:

Rob Ford?s decision not to march in the Pride parade is profoundly disappointing. It makes him look petty, stubborn and mean. It is an embarrassment for a city that proclaims its diversity to the world.

The invitation to join the parade ? still very much open, in case the mayor relents ? was a golden opportunity for Mr. Ford to show he can rise above the narrow-minded provincialism he has often displayed in the past. It was a chance to grow. By turning his back on Pride, he is missing it.

This year’s Pride festival goes from June 24 to July 3 in Toronto. The 31st annual Pride Parade will be held on Sunday 3rd July 2011.