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Thousands Take Part In Tel Aviv’s Gay Pride Parade

More than 70,000 gay Israelis and tourists visited Tel Aviv for the annual Gay Pride parade celebration.

The Associated Press reports:

Up to 70,000 people took to the streets of Tel Aviv to join in the annual Gay Pride parade on Friday as temperatures soared in the beachfront city.

The march, which was organised under the slogan: “It’s good to be gay — marching for social equality,” kicked off under a blazing midday sun and wound its way to the seafront where organisers had put on a party featuring international DJs.

A festive atmosphere engulfed the city as bare-chested revellers danced through the streets waving the rainbow colours of the international pride movement as well as Israeli flags.

Many of those on standing on the floats were wearing elaborate or outlandish costumes, while others opted simply for hotpants and flower garlands as they gyrated to the thudding beat.

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