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Montenegro’s First Gay Parade Canceled

Organizers cancel Montenegro’s 1st gay pride event. The gay parade was planned for May 31.

The Canadian Press reports:

Organizers cancelled Montenegro’s first ever gay pride event Tuesday, claiming the government has not given it enough support.

Montenegrin gay groups said support for the event ? scheduled for May 31 in the capital Podgorica ? had not been backed by action.

Zdravko Cimbaljevic from LGBT Forum Progress group accused the authorities of a “lack of seriousness and professionalism.”

“They would state their support, but when concrete actions are needed, we have a problem,” Cimbaljevic said.

In a statement Tuesday, the government ? which had offered public backing and protection for participants ? urged the organizers to reconsider their decision, reiterating its “unconditional support” for the gathering. “There is no reason for the cancellation,” it said.

The event was widely seen as a test of the country’s commitment to human rights as it seeks EU membership. Opponents in the highly conservative Balkan country had declared the event a “shame” for the nation and threatened to disrupt it.

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