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Giant Pink Triangle Raised On San Francisco Twin Peaks

To celebrate San Francisco gay pride weekend a group of volunteers raised a huge pink triangle on Twin Peaks.

SF GATE reports:

A huge pink triangle was raised Saturday on Twin Peaks, standing as a stark reminder to the thousands celebrating Pride weekend in San Francisco of the oppression gays and lesbians have long faced.

Volunteers used 4,000 steel stakes to pin 175 pink tarps into the shape of a triangle that can be seen from more than 20 miles – provided the fog clears atop the often misty heights.

Saturday morning’s unfurling of the pink triangle remembered both its horrific history as the emblem Nazis forced gays and lesbians to sew onto their clothing during World War II and its reclamation as a symbol of pride.

But Patrick Carney, co-founder and yearly organizer of the Friends of the Pink Triangle, reminded the audience gathered for the annual christening of the triangle that it was only two years ago that vandals burned a hole in it.

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Last May twin peaks was cover with a giant red ribbon to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the AIDS epidemic

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