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Gay Activists Arrested At Moscow Gay Pride

The police arrested at least 30 people on Saturday during Moscow’s gay pride rally, enforcing the city’s ban on gay rights demonstrations. Among the detainees was gay Russian activist Nikolai Alexeyev.

Reuters reports:

Russian police detained around 30 pro- and anti-gay activists in central Moscow on Saturday, imposing the city’s ban on gay rights demonstrations.

The arrests, underlining Russia’s tough response to public demonstrations by gay groups, coincided with the first ever gay rally in neighboring Ukraine, which was allowed by the authorities and protected by the police.

Russia’s parliament has given preliminary approval to a ban on “homosexual propaganda” targeting minors, which critics say would effectively ban gay rights demonstrations.

The legislation has prompted condemnation from abroad, but President Vladimir Putin has rejected that criticism, saying Russia did not discriminate against gay people.

According to RIA NOVOSTI The Police In Moscow have Released the gay rally activists:

Police have released all participants of an unsanctioned gay pride rally detained in the Russian capital on Saturday, the Moscow Interior Department said on Sunday.

?Administrative violation reports were compiled for 39 detainees: protocols for the breach of the established rules of holding gatherings and meetings were drawn up for 29 detainees and protocols for petty hooliganism were completed for the other ten,? the Interior Department said.

Read the full story via RIA NOVOSTI

Russian gay activist Nikolai Alekseev was punched in face during the arrest. He has posted a series of photos and videos from the violent incident on his Facebook Page

My dear friends, I am released from police, I am feeling OK! Thank you all for your great support!!! It is really more important for me than all the injuries, arrests and insults. I love you! THANK YOU! I am now safe and in the safe location!!!!!!!!! We did it! Thanks to all you came out without fear despite the bans! 8th Moscow Pride took place! We did it! As promised! As ever!