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First Gay Pride Parade In Prague

The first gay Pride festival In Prague will be held 10-14 of August 2011.

Prage Pride Announcement:

The first Prague pride will be a festival held 10-14 of August 2011 in the centre of our capital city. It will be an open event for all people both from our community as well as any of our friends and friends to be. The event is all about having a great time with each other and making new friends.

Prague pride is inspired on various concepts of similar events in Europe and worldwide, where they have been held for over 30 years. We realize that any Pride contains a minor political message in itself. But our main goal is not to point out inequality or problems of LGBT community in the Czech Republic. Our goal is to celebrate the existing, quite tolerant and friendly, relations between the public, government and our community. We feel that the best way to do this is to organize a festival of diversity. We want to show the public, that our community is open to everybody.

The parade and concert are just two of many cultural, sports and nightlife events. The festival will be spread over 4 days, Thursday to Sunday and most of the side events will be organized by other organizations from the community. Our aim is to cover a wide variety of views, interests and subgroups. There will be concerts, movies, theatre performances, dance parties, sports events, corporate workshops and so on.

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