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Equinox Adds 21 More Letters to LGBTQ


In celebration of Pride month, Equinox gym has released a new short film, ?LGBTQAlphabet: Six Letters Will Never Be Enough,? that expands the definition of LGBTQ into a full alphabet with 26 distinct opportunities to proudly communicate who you are and how you love.

Equinox has been a long-time supporter of the LGBTQ community and Pride, but this year they wanted to make an even more powerful contribution.  They worked with NYC?s LGBT Community Center to produce the short film.

Interlaced into it are voices from members of The Center, who express how they identify themselves in the queer community and as citizens in the world. 26 words, from Ally to Ze | Zir are brought to life in authentic, brave and meaningful ways.
The video is a continuation of Equinox?s ?Commit to Something? narrative and further explores the theme of identity specifically reflecting the diversity of the LGBTQ community.