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Drag Queens of the World is all over town during the Amsterdam Gay Pride Week


Amsterdam, as part of the laid back Dutch attitude, has over the years shown great tolerance towards lesbian, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. It?s first established gay & lesbian bar opened in 1927. One of world?s first gay right movements started here (1946) and became later known as COC. The first monument to commemorate the gay and lesbian victims of WO II was erected in Amsterdam in 1987. In 1998 Amsterdam saw the first Gay Games outside the USA and in 2001, on 1 April at 00:01 the major of Amsterdam married four same – sex couples in a worldwide broadcasted ceremony as outcome of the first European marriage equality law.

Amsterdam Gay Pride is an important part of this history. Pride is about combining activism with celebrations and festivities. A eye-catching part of this is the glitter and glamour, the embodiment of which is certainly to be found in Drag Queens.

Therefore, art studio The Faketory goes on tour with its project Drag Queens of the World, an international artistic and anthropological research conducted by lecturer and visual artist Martijn Crowe. The tour consists of satellite exhibitions around ten different pink places in town, where each place exhibits photos of Drag Queens from different cultures, together with their individual stories and backgrounds.

This extraordinary project differs from other projects that photograph Drag Queens: the Faketory portrays the Drag Queens as the really are, including the men behind the make-up. The combination of photos, interviews and background research gives the Drag Queens a voice and depicts them as the individual persons they are.

Drag Queens are entertainers that create a dream world. At the same time they have played, and still play, an important role in the struggle for LGBT rights. Gay Pride Week, therefore, is the ideal opportunity for ?Drag Queens of the World? project to show ourselves to the world, with images from Bolivia, Cambodia, Nederland and Brasil and more, thus raising awareness of social issues and celebrate diversity.

Right now we are raising funds through crowd funding to publish the book in 2015.

The exhibition will be on display for the entire Gay Pride Week (26th July ? 3rd August).

We are happy to invite you to July 25th, opening for the Press 7 PM Saarein, Elandsstraat 119, Amsterdam

The team of the Faketory, together with Dia, the owner of Saarein, and Amsterdam Drag Queens, will then initiate the tour together. They will be available for interviews and photographs. All photographs are for sale in print through The Faketory.

The participating hot spots are Amstel54, Caf? de Barderij, Caf? ?t Mandje, Gays&Gadgets, Lellebel, Prik, Saarein, Sluisje and Spijker.

For more information on the exhibition and crowdfunding, please contact [email protected] / 020 354 19 40