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Canada?s Olympic athletes marched in Ottawa?s Pride Parade

Olympians Patrick Biggs and Katie Weatherston

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Ottawa on Sunday for the annual Capital Pride parade. Including a group of Canadian Olympic Athletes encouraging Russia to rethink the country?s anti-gay law.

The Globe and Mail reports:

Canada?s Olympic athletes are lining up firmly on the side of those opposed to Russia?s new anti-gay law ahead of next year?s Winter Olympics in Sochi. A group of Canadian Olympians marched in Ottawa?s Pride Parade Sunday, while members of the men?s hockey team spoke out against the legislation as they gathered for an orientation camp.

The law, adopted earlier this summer by the Russian parliament, outlaws gay ?propaganda,? and Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned protests in Sochi just before and during the Games, a move widely seen as an attempt to squelch any dissent against the legislation.

Canada?s Olympic team has spent the past several months reaching out to the gay community, after a decision in February that Pride events would be part of the athletes? roster of public appearances in the lead-up to the Games. On Sunday, they marched in Capital Pride for the first time.

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