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Bulgaria’s Sofia Gay Pride Parade

Bulgaria’s LGBT community gathered Saturday for the Sofia Gay Pride parade which passed off peacefully despite the protest staged by people of the “Forum for Defending Children and Family”.

Novinite.com reports:

The 4th annual edition of the Sofia Pride LGBT parade in the Bulgarian capital has not been marred by any incidents, assaults, or provocations, as the several hundred participants reached the destination of the procession.

After far-right extremists marred the parades in support of equal rights regardless of sexual orientation in Sofia 2008 and 2010 in spite of the massive police presence, the 4th edition of Sofia Pride was also heavily guarded by hundreds of police officers and private security guards.

The procession started at the National Palace of Culture and reached the Soviet Army monument without any incidents whatsoever. The nationalist and far-right formations who wanted to stage a counter-rally have given up on it after the Sofia Municipality banned them from protesting at the same time and area as the gay parade.

The only protesters against the Sofia pride LGBT parade have been a NGO called “Forum for Defending Children and Family” whose protest was seen by Bulgarian media as “cultured” as all they did was hand out brochures entitled “The Myths about Homosexuality.”

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