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A Coming Out Story – Short Documentary “Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon”

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Kimball Allen, author of a one-act, one-man play entitled Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon, shares his story of alcohol and shopping addiction that ultimately led to his incarceration and recovery. HE talks about his journey in these three videos, each shot in Capitol Hill, Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park, with home-made accompanying music.

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Currently Kimball Allen resides with his partner (and rescued chiweenie) in the Pacific Northwest where he finds it?s natural beauty to be the perfect environment for any playwright. Visit Kimball Allen’s website for more info on his current solo-performance production of Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon?s national tour.

About the play? “Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon”??

Growing up in rural Idaho, young Kimball Allen was warned by his mother, ?boys don?t kiss boys.? Confused, he would hide under?his sister?s bed to play with her toys and would fantasize about growing up in a family where he could be himself.

Rebelling against his family, religion, and community, Kimball was often left alone, and, at 13, experienced an event so traumatic ? it stole his innocence and led him down a dark turbulent path towards adulthood lined with betrayal, alcohol,?drugs, and sex.

Meanwhile, Kimball continued to keep up appearances as the exemplary Mormon boy his family expected him to be while developing a keen expertise in living a double life. This skill would prove invaluable to Kimball as he became an adult, and would allow him to use?relationships, money, and secrecy for his personal gain ? ultimately landing him in a jail cell.

In ?Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon,? Kimball recounts these pivotal events, and how he is able to reclaim his life and reconnect with the family and innocence he lost all those years ago.

Praise for “Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon”

?Kimball Allen is a gay ex-Mormon ex-felon, an unusual combination of adjectives but a true descriptor for this native of Idaho. Nearly two years ago, Allen was sitting in a jail cell and wondered how he had gotten there. Lost in thought, he started to make a journal chronicling his memories to piece his life together; he had more than enough free time given his current predicament. It was during this process that an idea struck Allen, an idea that had never occurred to him before and that seized him so strongly that he couldn?t ignore it. He needed to share his experiences with other people. It wasn?t long until Allen, who had never before worked as a playwright or an actor, started work on his one-man show…Like a modern day Oscar Wilde with the added wrinkle of his Mormon religion, Allen turned his time in jail into a engaging artistic expression with his one man show filled with moments of pain, sorrow, humor.?– Lucas Swift, LA Examiner

?Through his play Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon, fascinating Seattle playwright Kimball Allen has found unexpected relief in reenacting painful moments from his life and sharing their impact with his audience? He finds the comparisons to essayist and fellow non-fiction funny-man David Sedaris to be an honor but what he finds most rewarding is the connection he makes with the audience on stage.? -Casandra Armour, LA Splash Magazine

?To be faced with a true story such as this, as told by the person who lived it, is a sobering experience. Kimball has put together a careful narrative of his life, trying to piece together the elements that led to his finding himself detoxing in a jail cell. It is a harrowing narrative, and he is to be commended for his skill and courage in bringing it to the public.?-Kelly Luck, KC STAGE

?Playwright, actor, and subject matter Kimball Allen posses the assets of colorful material in his life story, a gift for story-telling, and a charisma that drew in the audience from beginning to end.? – Dagney Velazquez, Kansas City Spirituality Examiner

?I have not enjoyed a one-man play so much since I saw ?Deep in a Dream of You.? ? You?re brave and wonderful and touched us all.?– Lori, audience member

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