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Yuzima mixes guitars, redemption and power on June’s THE MACHINE single “Yes, Its Right”

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NYC – May 29, 2014 – NYC singer-songwriter YUZIMA simultaneously speaks of the treacherous happenings of a new relationship as well as a new world on new single “Yes, Its Right” his June single from THE MACHINE. Yuzima has vowed to release one single per month from the album to give him the space to go into depth on the recording process. Like several of Yuzima’s recent songs, the chorus came in the form of a dream. Yuzima say’s, “I seem to remember that someone was singing it and I was saying to myself – wow that’s such a cool tune, then when I woke up I realized it was a dream and I recorded it.” When it was time to record, Yuzima dug into his connection with 90’s rock to craft the arrangement, Layering minor key distorted and thick guitars with insistent drums and a mysterious yet powerful vocal assault. “You got a grievance you got a heart that believes, you got a flag an army of belief, I tell you what – you’re the invading army of the east.” Yuzima sings while following with the opposing view in an impassioned falsetto: “I’ve been a flame a victim of the wind an end just to begin, but you’re the mirror of what I’ve seen within.” The song follows last months song “ANARCHY” as a counterpoint. “ANARCHY’ was really thought out and intentional while this is a similar approach but more from the gut and simple, melody and arrangement wise,” say’s Yuzima.

YUZIMA has been called “rising indie luminary”, “great artist” and “rising talent” by blogs from Under the Radar to Gayletter while having gotten props from the likes of Lady Miss Kier and Julian Casablancas. THE MACHINE has been featured across the internet. “Yes, It’s Right” is available for streaming on Soundcloud. THE MACHINE is on Itunes.


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