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YouTube Bans Pop Artist Solomon’s “Swim No More” Music Video?

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Electronic Hip-Pop Artist Solomon Forced To Edit “Swim No More” Music Video After YouTube Banning It.

(Los Angeles, CA ? February 3, 2013) ? Last week popular video sharing website YouTube banned Electronic Hip-Pop artist Solomon?s ?Swim No More? music video stating the video contained, ?inappropriate?and offensive content which violates Community Guidelines.? However, partnered video hosting site VEVO, decided to keep the music video. After speaking with YouTube and upset fans sounding off on Twitter, YouTube allowed Solomon and SolRay Records?to resubmit the edited?video over the weekend.

?Other than profanity, I can?t imagine anything being offensive with my music video.? Solomon said. However, this isn?t the first time Solomon has had to make edits to his music videos. In 2011 MTV and LOGO refused to play his music video for ?Wit Us U Can?t…? Stating the backdrop of one of the sets in the video contained foul language. In 2012 VEVO refused to accept his music video for ?Life Goes On…? until the one minute intro of a lion eating a dead carcass was edited out.

All of this is on the cusp of him releasing his new EP Le Gar?on with a new music video for ?3 Dolla Bill? coming tomorrow, February 4th. ?If they think the ?Swim No More? video is?inappropriate, I can only imagine what the ?3?Dolla Bill? short will be.? Said Solomon. Tomorrows music video for ?3 Dolla Bill? depicts Solomon in barely there white shorts recording himself in front of a live web cam. The video short, the artist? social commentary on social media, premieres tomorrow on VEVO and Out.com. Unapologetic, the genre bending artist is refusing to make edits on his videos.

?It?s obviously unfair. Maybe because I?m an indie artist and so far down on the totem pole with the GaGa?s and the Eminem?s. They can get away with much more, but when I do something small, I get banned or removed. It?s unfair to me, my label and my supporters. But I won?t tolerate it anymore. This is my art and how I want to present it.?

Tomorrow also is the release of his new EP releases Le Gar?on. As a prequel to his long awaited debut album, the singer songwriter unveils his third extended play loaded with brand new songs, poems, interludes and a special hidden track. Crafted out of isolation and inspired by digital art media, Le Gar?on is packed with hard-hitting beats, smooth melodies and vulnerable lyrics. The EP finds Solomon comfortably flexing his musical talents while assessing a new generation of music listeners.


With subjects ranging from heartbreak, sex, anger and confusion,?Le Gar?on?finds Solomon at his most revealing. Recently writing an article for?Advocate Magazine, where the artist sheds light on his struggles with a mother on drugs, a father in prison and his 2011 arrest,?Solomon is more open than ever. Channeling his new found energy into his music,?Le Gar?on, meaning ?the boy? in French, plays as a response to his inner child.

?There is this boy inside of me who never had the ability to grow up. He never had a peaceful childhood, never enjoyed being a teenager and never could relish being a college student. So in the process there is this angst. This EP is about him dealing with love, loss, sex, anger and trust. I think my generation can relate heavily. Growing up on the internet, having your eyes opened to things your parents weren?t quick enough to shield you from. You leave your innocence behind in favor of this need to grow up fast.?

To support his new EP, Solomon is in the process of scheduling tour dates for the Spring and Summer, which will be announced shortly. He is also in the studio working on new material for his highly anticipated, long-awaited debut album?Why Boys Cry.


ABOUT SOLOMON:?Born a Capricorn in San Diego, CA, Solomon is a Electronic Hip-Pop singer/songwriter, rapper and producer. Introduced in 2008 on Eminem?s Shade45 Sirius Radio Show, the artist has gone on to release a plethora of singles, remixes, EP?s and mix-tapes. His last single, “Life Goes On?” proved to be a success on Sirius/XM and Pandora radio. With music videos debuting on MTV, VEVO, Logo?s NewNowNext and more, the singer has toured with the likes of Kelly Rowland,Deborah Cox and headlined a show at West Hollywood?s Key Club. Solomon?s latest release?Le Gar?on?is set to be released worldwide February 4, 2014.

For all things Solomon, please visit?solomon-music.com.

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