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Yaysh Releases Madame Gandhi Remix For The New Single ?Wild One?


Listen to Madame Gandhi’s official remix of ?Wild One?

?Upcoming singer/rapper?Yaysh?has released the official video for her new single, the sexy and infectious ?WILD ONE.?

The song, which premiered on?YOUNG HOLLYWOOD, is the first official single from Yaysh’s debut album with producer?R8DIO, coming later this year.

?Her strong, yet sweet voice lures you in, while the track thumps in the background, building up to the pounding rap rhythms she serves in a way that is both seductive and thug.??-?YOUNG HOLLYWOOD?

?Serving striking vocals and an impressive rapped flow, ?Wild One? sees the rising songstress delivering an impassioned performance for a potential lover over racing synths and atmospheric whispers. Pulsing with energy, Yaysh coos and growls across the track with equal fervor. It’s a passionate release and continues to prove that the songstress has a lot to deliver.??-?POPWRAPPED?

Yaysh commented, ?Wild One? is about passion, justice and just straight-up courage. People still, today,? fear their sexual side, their authenticity, their truest yearnings. Why? Because the scariest thing to do in life is to be yourself. Why? Because it means you don’t give in to stereotypes and you dare to stand alone. My intention with this song and actually all my music is just to be genuine and daring and show myself fully.

Life is art. Please make more art. Everyone. We are so beautiful. Xo Yaysh?

Yaysh is currently offering a free download of her song “Universe“?on her SoundCloud.? Yaysh?s first track, ?Light Up This Room,? premiered on?AfterEllen?earlier this year.?

Yaysh recently joined forces with artist?Madame Gandhi?to create the Madame Gandhi Percussion Edit of??Wild One.? Inspired by live drummers in dancehall settings, Madame?Gandhi immersed??Wild One? in a?Caribbean?soca beat and added layers of cowbell, bongos and driving?drum solos to bring Yaysh?s vision?of an uplifting club?setting to life.?

Madame Gandhi, known for her work in gender?equality and for running the 2015 London Marathon, bleeding-freely to?combat period stigma, is also the former drummer for artist M.I.A. Gandhi was drawn to Yaysh?s passion to inspire others to be their most authentic and??wild? selves, and together the two are excited to release??Wild One (Madame Gandhi Percussion Edit).??

You can check out the ?Wild One? (Madame Gandhi Percussion Edit) right here

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