If there is one thing Tyrell Witherspoon learned through 2013, it was the art of of perseverance. To say the year was a struggle and an obstacle would be an understatement but through all of his adversities, he still managed to keep his head above water and stay afloat with the help of one of his favourite hobbies: music.

Early in the year, Tyrell split with his fianc? and found himself in Calgary working for a theatre company. Near the end of the production, Tyrell received a devastating phone call that his younger brother, Graeme, had been killed in a head-on collision in Manitoba. Leaving the show behind, Tyrell quickly flew home to be with his family. Over the summer, Tyrell landed himself a career highlight, performing in the Charlottetown Festival in PEI. After this, he moved to Toronto to only have his Grandfather die of a heart attack a week after arriving. Flying home once more, he asked himself what he was to do. Instead of falling into a deep depression, he found solitude and comfort in his music.

?It?s been a tough year,? Tyrell recalls as he looks back on the past twelve months, ?but I have definitely learned a lot about myself and grown as a person and as an artist. When you?re faced with these challenges in your life, you can make two choices. You can let it overtake you and spin out of control or, you can face things head on and move forward as best you can. I chose the latter. It?s definitely tough, but when you have a great support system around you, it makes it easier to overcome the obstacles afterwards.?

Tyrell returned to the piano and started working on his latest track, ?Go ?Round?, a song that would turn out to be an anthem of appreciation of his summer on the gentle isle.

?Prince Edward Island is so beautiful. I understand why so many artists and great music comes from that place. There is something magically inspiring about it?s red sand beaches, beautiful water and rolling green hills.?

Tyrell explains that the song narrates one summer night he had on the island at a friends cabin. The late night party included a midnight swim and fireworks on the beach. ?In that moment, I felt like I was living this fantasy life that you only watch on movies and I felt like my world was spinning around me. That in turn became the lyrics to this song.?

To celebrate the release of the track, Tyrell decided to offer the song as a free download versus an official iTunes release. ?Because of the nature of the way this song came about, I thought this would be one my ways to thank everyone for their support with my brother?s accident and my grandfather?s passing.?

To grab his latest song, head to?http://www.tyrellwitherspoon.com?and head to the MUSIC tab. There, you?ll find a download link on the song?s player.

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