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That Poppy releases her highly anticipated 4-song EP ?Bubblebath?


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Music / iTunes: http://smarturl.it/ThatPoppyBubblebath

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Boasting a pastel-haired innocence, a danceable sound and a hint of underlying angst, unconventional singer-songwriter,

?out now via Island Records.? Her ?Bubblebath? EP will include her catchy lead single ?Lowlife?(watch the official video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwnoSeiAFSY).? Preview full ?BUBBLEBATH? EP below.


That Poppy seems to transcend classification. Her tracks are filled with reggae-inspired beats, punky rock riffs and a candy-sweet pop sensibility co-existing in a wholly enigmatic manner.

?BUBBLEBATH? EP Tracklist:
1. Lowlife
2. Money
3. Altar
4. American Kids


About That Poppy

That Poppy grew up in Nashville, surrounded by music. Her father was a drummer in a punk band and her brother followed suit, drumming for multiple groups at once. Despite her percussive roots, That Poppy had a different passion: ?I was a dancer first, that was my first love”

That Poppy?s world is a colorful one, filled with roller-skating, hair dye and the latest documentaries. She loves purple and Pop Rocks and often draws on J-Pop.

Her music exhibits a kind of dichotomy. Reggae-inspired beats, punky rock riffs and a candy-sweet pop sensibility infuse each of her tracks, co-existing in a wholly enigmatic manner. Her songs are irresistibly catchy, but cheeky lyrics add a depth and complexity rarely found in traditional pop songs. Lowlife showcases her dynamic vocal talent and offers mischievous lyrics like ?you?re the highlight of my lowlife.? It?s both playful and powerful. Everybody Wants To Be Poppy, her self-proclaimed ?theme song,? shows a clever sense of humor. ?I?m just a princess with a pistol,? she sings, and it definitely rings true.

Poppy is a girly girl who packs a punch. Pastel-colored dresses, bright lipstick and bows feature prominently in her Internet posts, but so does her eccentric sense of humor.

That Poppy is all about self-expression. ?I write songs because I have a lot of things to say,? she states, gushing about the opportunity to continue making music and share it with people.

Her aesthetic definitely says a lot. She?s undeniably adorable, with anime eyes and pale hair, but her Instagram posts and YouTube videos also showcase an affinity for the uncanny and bizarre. She is an enigma, endlessly mysterious and fascinating. In fact, when asked to describe herself, That Poppy says she?s ?made of diamonds.? Whether or not it?s true, she certainly shines.