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Steve Grand Kickstarter campaign crosses $200,000?

Steve Grand, whose same-sex music video ?All-American Boy? went viral with 2.8 million hits on YouTube, is making history again.?In just 17 hours, Steve?s fans fully?funded his?Kickstarter campaign?to make his first album. Now,?having just crossed the $200,000 mark, fans have made it one of the top 10 most funded music projects in Kickstarter?s history?– and?counting! This is more than an album. It?s a movement. Proof that an openly gay independent artist can make it without a label.

With all that?s going on in the?world, there?s never been a more important time to make our voices heard. Every dollar now means Steve can market and promote this album to an even wider audience.?YOUR support will put this album on the playing field with artists backed by major labels who usually dominate the airwaves. YOUR support will let Steve go on tour?and play live in your hometown. YOUR support will let us all share our vision for a world that looks beyond our differences and embraces the fact that we’re all?worthy of love. Big labels spend millions to make hit records. But together, we?re doing this $10, $15 and $25 at a time. Just 16 days left. The sky is the limit!

Please invite your friends to join the movement at:?http://kck.st/1hfGicr

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