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?Spread The News?, The Future of Pop is Megan Vice


Debut Indie Dance Album Includes Smash Single and Video, ?All of the Time?

In the tradition of Daft Punk, Chromeo, and early Janet Jackson comes Megan Vice, the gritty glam diva whose new album?Spread The News?is where future pop meets retro.???The overall sound of the album is funky and flirtatious,? she says. ?It?s about sexual empowerment; loving and owning yourself?.???The album?includes the groovilicious anthem,??All of the Time?, and features the talents of artists The Golden Pony, French Horn Rebellion, Young Science and Fake Money.??Megan Vice?s ?Spread The News? releases July 15th, via Brooklyn indie?Peace Bisquit.???Spread The News?

?I wanted these songs to take a spunkier, gutsier turn from some of my previous material?, continues Megan Vice from her Brooklyn home. ?I was born at the wrong time?, she reflects.???I should have been dancing with Downtown Julie Brown on the platform stages of Club MTV!?

The album?s first single, ‘All of the Time’, is about being into someone and owning the attraction with every fiber of your being.???It’s inspired by a relationship I had with a friend where there was a lot of sexual tension,? explains Vice.???He lives in LA so it was mostly a digital thing where we’d flirt heavy via phone and text.??We were constantly teasing the idea of hooking up and dating for real, if and when we found ourselves living in the same city. ?So the song was?a product of?all the?built up sexual energy I had at the time,? she laughs.

?I wanted it to feel like?you were watching an eighties film, like you just popped in a ‘Pretty in Pink’ or ‘Weird Science? VHS,? she says.? ?Since the song is about a growing coast-to-coast digital romance, I wanted the visuals to express an ongoing fantasy, an alternate reality between?me and my male counterpart?(played by?Gio Tuccio).?

It?s why, except for when Vice?s hands pop up from behind Tuccio, we never see the two in the same frame. The separation – as well as the hyper-sexualizing of fruit ? is intended to represent the couple?s desire for what is out of reach.

The album?s title track ?Spread The News? was co-written with Knifekick and produced by BangOn?s curly hair duo, The Golden Pony. Says Megan, ? I really enjoyed working with Timothy and Thomas of The Golden Pony on ?Spread the News.? Their original instrumental just immediately struck a chord with me. I had to write to it.?

The introspective pop lilt of ?Ghost? was co-written with Kevin Garrett whose production and writing was recently highlighted on Beyonc??s ?Pray You Catch Me? from her smash album, Lemonade. Of the special collaboration, Megan explains, ? My pal Lane (Banning) and I had been discussing writing a song together for a while after we had met through a mutual friend/collaborator of ours, Sam Lachow.?So we got in the studio one day and started building and experimenting. I was involved in a really toxic relationship at the time and was very depressed. That’s where the idea of what ?Ghost? would be about stemmed from.?After we had the base of the song built and ideas brewing, Lane brought on Kevin to join in the writing process.?Working with these two was a wonderful time.?

Born and raised in New York, Megan spent her formative years imitating her favorite vocalists, from Michael Jackson and Prince to Whitney Houston and Paul McCartney. She was always eager to perform wherever and for whomever. Local musicians suggested she put pen to paper and explore her own feelings and ideas.??She began honing her songwriting chops and found that top-line writing was a natural skill.??Today, she collaborates with a handful of fresh, young musicians.

?I love collaborating with artists, whether it’s writing on their records or them lending a voice and ear to mine. I really value the talents of other musicians so I’m always bouncing ideas off my friends and fellow writers.?

Megan credits producer / songwriter Fake Money with completely rebirthing her fan favorite, ?No Good For Nothing.?? The disco-infused retro track is about turning the tables on men who string along the ladies they date. ?Fake Money flipped the track inside out and gave it an entirely fresh new feel,? she says.

She features rapper Sam Lachow in the song and accompanying video as well. ?He’s a good friend and super, duper ridiculously talented.”

The indie funk stomp duet ?Like 2 Tell U? with perennial indie darlings French Horn Rebellion is another standout track on the album. ?I love this song so much,? exclaims Megan. ?I think it’s my favorite on the project. Working with Robert (Perlick-Molinari) is always a fun time. This track is so silly and sexual and there were a lot of laughs when recording it. We’re both super dorky, so it’s just really funny to us!?

Megan Vice also takes a moment on the album to pay homage to one of her girlhood idols, nineties dance phenomenon Taylor Dayne. She presents a chilled down version of???Tell It To My Heart? that turns the track into a slow burn.????It was one of my favorite songs growing up and still is to this day,” she says.???I loved having the opportunity to make the track my own.?

In fact, much of Megan?s success is from making music her own. Her sound often draws comparisons to a wide array of artists from disco to glam rock to 90?s R&B and 2000?s future pop, but in ?Spread The News?, Megan Vice proves that her tongue-in-cheek lyrical style and musical prowess?are distinctly her own.