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Sam Sparro Announces New Album

From Sam Sparro Official Website:

Sam has announced that his new album, RETURN TO PARADISE, will be released in the spring of 2012. Inspired by soul and funk music from 78-84, ?Paradise? is the product of 2 1/2 years of writing and recording in Los Angeles, London and New York.

The album features a wide range of musicians from all over the world. Production credits on most tracks go to long time Sparro collaborator Jesse ?Golden Touch? Rogg and Sam himself. Other Production work was done by Grammy Producer of the Year Nominee, Greg Kurstin, Jono Sloan (Empire of the Sun), Tim Anderson (Ima Robot) and Lester Mendez . Players on the record include Jamiroquai founding bass player, Stuart Zender, Violinist Caitlin Moe, The Horn Section from Hercules and Love Affair and Midnight Magic, Charlie Wilcocks, Dave Wilder, Felix Bloxsom and Sam?s own brother and father on guitars.

Sam also worked with Best Coast?s Bethany Cosentino, Florence and the Machine?s Isabella Summers and Swedish singer/songwriter Erik Hassle on some of the song writing.

The results are an eclectic collection of songs about love lost and the quest for happiness. Stylistically, there are songs that range from 80?s electro soul and disco dance floor numbers to Pop songs and beautiful ballads.

What does Sam have to say about his new record? ?I?m so proud of these songs and can?t wait to share them. It?s been a long time coming.?

Stay tuned for all the latest information on upcoming releases, music video?s and live performances from Sam.

In the mean while ? here is a video of Sam and Jesse in the studio recording drums with Felix Bloxsom in LA.