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Rumor: Kazaky may be appearing in Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild”? music video

We just received an email with some fascinating information.?The Ukrainian boys of Kazaky: Oleg, Arthur, Kyryll and Francesco could be planning a collaboration with Madonna for an upcoming music video.

The emails reads:

On the night of February 26, the famous Twitter user called @HelloJonte, better known as a dancer Jonte, wrote the following message: “Congrats 2 @kazakyofficial for being in @MadonnaNation ‘s next music vid (^_^)! Hope you feature my signature leg lift in stiletto’s! It has made you popular. #Madonna”.


One would think that this is another fleeting rumor, but the fact is that Jonte familiar with the choreographers of the new Madonna video “Girls Gone Wild” – with Napoleon and Tabitha.

In addition, on Twitter it was easy to trace the connection of Kazaky and a member of Madonna’s team – Arianne Phillips, who heads the entire wardrobe of Madonna in her upcoming tour, and worked as a stylist during the shooting of “Girls Gone Wild”.

Until now, information about the new music video is held in the strictest confidence, and until recently everyone was convinced that in the new video will appear Britney Spears. But it seems the Queen of Pop preferred a more fashionable variant and jumped at scandalous guys from the Ukrainian group Kazaky.

It’s unknown whether it will be a joint track (as with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.), but even the famous Kazaky’s choreography in the video of Madonna will become a fresh inspiration in creativity of the singer.

Unfortunately we can not confirm the reliability of this email, at this point the information is still a rumor, but it will be great to see the sexy Ukrainian boys with the queen of pop.

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