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Pop/Soul/Funk Vocalist Charles Perry (Verve) to Release The Soul Superhero EP on 9/25?

Charles Perry


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Pop/Soul/Funk Vocalist CHARLES PERRY (Verve) to Release The Soul Superhero EP on 9/25

EP features the audacious singer?s original version of ?Stranger to Love? that inspired the Ti?sto remix

Perry?s rendition of ?Ev?rybody Wants To Be a Cat? on

?We Love Disney? compilation (Ariana Grande, NE-YO, Gwen Stefani, Jason Derulo) available as instant pre-order grat track on 9/25

?Charles is more sophisticated than some of the older rockers? ?David Foster

?Charles Perry has got a great voice. Like, really great? ? Noisey?

?A spine-tingling vocalist? ? BET.com


Charles Perry (Verve), the self-described ?Soul Superhero? is, according to Verve Music Group Chairman and 16x Grammy Award-winning producer David Foster, ?exactly what you dream of when you find an artist. His EP remains constantly his own sound which he doesn?t deviate from.? The playful and singular Perry will release his EP, THE SOUL SUPERHERO on 9/25. Executive Produced by Freddy Wexler (Lil Wayne, Steve Aoki, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato), the EP finds Perry exactly where he wants to be?on stage and at home on a label whose artists are some of his musical heroes. ?When I was younger I said there were three producers I really wanted to work with – David Foster, Phil Spector and Burt Bacharach ? I?m living my dream and then some,? said Perry.

Signing with Foster not only led to accomplishing that professional goal, but also unexpectedly gave Perry something rarely offered to new artists in this day and age?time. The label, along with Wexler?s The Brain Music, gave Perry the freedom to create the right music and record ?The Soul Superhero.? At the same time, the singer perfected his electrifying live performance with The Chocolate Drops, his backing vocalists, who alternate between finger-snapping doo-wop and mesmerizing harmonies.

?A friend of mine once said ?if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.? This is a great framework for signing artists. And from the second Charles opened his mouth, it was a hell yes.” said Wexler.

On the EP Wexler brings together an array of top producers including Neff U (Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo), Jason Evigan (Maroon 5, Jason Derulo), and Nate Fox (Chance the Rapper, Big Sean) to create a sound that?transcends genres. The songs stomp in and out of Pop, Funk, and Soul, but all the while, remain classic. If anything, that?s what The Soul Superhero EP is about?classic songs, all of which, Charles co-wrote.

Foster added, ?Introducing someone whose talent is so definitive is something I?ve been lucky enough to accomplish through my career and each time it?s like catching lighting. A lot of singers have no idea who they are, vocally. Charles knows who he is.?

Perry?s unique style attracted other opportunities to shine. Dance music icon Ti?sto remixed Perry?s ?Stranger To Love,? which The Noisey blog described as a track that switches effortlessly ?between acoustic soul and blissed out Ibiza house. From EDM to jazz-pop, Perry was asked to give his take on the classic Disney song ?Ev?rybody Wants To Be A Cat? (from the Aristocats).

Coinciding with the release of The Soul Superhero, ?Ev?rybody Wants To Be A Cat? will become available as an instant grat track on 9/25 for those who pre-order the upcoming ?We Love Disney? album. The compilation also features artists like Ariana Grande, NE-YO, Gwen Stefani, Jason Derulo, Fall Out Boy, Jessie J and more singing Disney classics. (The complete Disney album will be available October 30th on Verve).

Charles Perry was born and raised in the Linden Boulevard Projects in Brooklyn, NY to a family of pastors and singers. His father, Charles Perry, Sr. is a minister and his grandfather Beatrice Best was a member of the Doo-Wop group the Jive Five, best known for their hit ?My True Story? and helping to create the sound of the Nickelodeon network (http://youtu.be/DATWMP02YOY). ?I?ve been holding on to this music for a very long time and I am ready to unleash the rock and roll soul funk experience to the world,? said Perry.

Preview Charles Perry – Stranger To Love HERE?

Charles Perry ?Everybody Wants To Be A Cat?

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