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Pop Artist Daniel Sobrino Releases Hypnotic & Thought Provoking Single, ?The Power of Us?

Daniel Sobrino - Power of Us

Singer-songwriter Makes Grand Debut With Accompanying Music Video

Los Angeles, CA ? One prolific union between grand instrumentals, unfiltered lyrics and unbelievable vocals is the brand new single ?The Power of Us? from budding pop/soul singer Daniel Sobrino. His music video is also accompanying the single release. A master at creating envious swagger, the young performer is fresh to the music scene but sings with conviction far wiser than his physical age. In his emerging career, Sobrino has already gained a huge following that was instantly mesmerized by his talent and are keen on every move he makes.

With astounding production from Hao Wang?& Kazumi Shimokawa, ?The Power of Us? rings in as powerful and triumphant as its lyrics. Vibrant piano chords carry the pensive verses, where Sobrino shows off his dynamic range. Bringing traditional R&B bridges into the mix, the singer fluidly leads into the catchy, energetic hook, which is heightened by electric guitars and dramatic synths. Without giving in to pop music fads, the ambitious artist dodges the one-hit-wonder curse by penning words from his heart. He holds this song especially close to him: ?This is a song that is inspired by my daily life. I am always amazed by how much we can affect people with our thoughts and behaviors, and how much we can do to change the world we live in. But sometimes we forget about that, and affect people in a bad way with our negativity. The pain can disappear, and love can save us all,? Sobrino explains. Directed by John Erik Bergamini, the music video showcases the soulful singer baring his emotions upon a scenic beach landscape.

Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, Daniel Sobrino grew up with music in his veins. As far back as he can remember he has been a vocal prodigy. However, growing up in a country that is deprived of open avenues for music artists, he decided to migrate to the alluring bright lights of Los Angeles to give his music a better opportunity for exposure.

Broadening his artistic horizons, Sobrino taught himself to play the piano and discovered the versatility it added to his music. While recording and getting deeper into his musical endeavors, Sobrino shaped every detail of his artistry from fine-tuning his silky tenor tone down to his style. The trendsetter rocks creative designs in his low-shaved blonde haircut and eye-popping statement pieces that compliment his bright blue eyes. He cites his biggest influences as gifted vocalists Ryan Tedder, John Legend, Adele, Sia, Emeli Sand? and Regina Spektor. Now at 22 years old, Daniel Sobrino is jumping on every stage possible as he makes his rounds in the Los Angeles music circuit touching audiences at the Loews Hotel, Room 5, The House of Blues, SIR Studios, and The Mint. ?As a result of his hard work and dedication, Daniel Sobrino landed the coveted gig of performing alongside Justin Bieber, Stevie Wonder, and Drake at the Nokia Theatre for the ?A Time To Love? event.

Daniel Sobrino has been taking Los Angeles by storm with his heart-melting voice and original viewpoint on songwriting. He may be in the beginning stages of his career but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to pick up ?The Power of Us? on iTunes?and watch the music video on his YouTube?channel. Keep up with Daniel Sobrino by visiting www.DanielSobrino.com.

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