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Mister Chase Releases New Single ‘Nasty Habit’ – Retrofit

Mister Chase has released ‘Nasty Habit’ a new single with awesome audio-dynamics that’ll tickle your ears.

Mister Chase talks about his new single ‘Nasty Habit’:

Nasty Habit was the first song I co-wrote and recorded four years ago…I can’t believe that much time has passed! I sound so young in it…! Such a different sound than Addicted.

A few months ago, I decided to take Nasty Habit and change the direction. I wanted it to be something unique to me. I wanted it to make the listener feel happy. A little toe-tapper with a smile. I wanted it to sound like it came out of the late 80s.

I met up with Axel, a great audio engineer. His studio was FULL of these towers of old music analog machinery. And so we began making each individual sound from scratch. No fake mac plug ins for this one. I wanted it to be organic. Every tiny moment, every little sound in my head that I wanted to create, Axel was able to play.. It was an amazing experience. I think you’ll really enjoy the vibe.

I hope the song makes your ears dance. I hope it makes you smile and do a little diddy dance as you walk down the street. It’s slightly silly, and mostly fun, and maybe it has a dramatic moment or two. 😉 you know me.

The single Nasty Habit is available on:

Itunes: http://tinyurl.com/8279xz8
Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/7fsfajm

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