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Mimi Imfurst lights up ‘The Fire’


Star of RUPAUL?S DRAG RACE Releases Debut Full-Length Album

Featuring ?The Fire? and ?So What?

RuPaul?s Drag Race contestant Mimi Imfurst will release her first full-length album, The Fire, on Tuesday, March 22nd.? Produced by Faux Real Entertainment, the pop-rock album that bursts with emotion is about the tenacity of the human spirit to carry on despite the obstacles life throws our way. ?Songs run the gamut from straight up in-your-face loud punk to acoustic ballads, with a heavy dose of 90?s rock nostalgia.? They draw inspiration from bands like Green Day, No Doubt, Soundgarden and the rock musical Hedwig and The Angry Inch.? The first release off The Fire will be the title track, ?The Fire?; a gritty anthem featuring additional vocals by SIRENNYC, a folk trio based in Manhattan. ??The song is for anyone who has ever been through hell and back,? explains Mimi Imfurst. ?I decided to name the album after fire because it is a transformative element. ?It can burn you or it can harden you. ?It?s a test of the soul.? Mimi Imfurst?s new album, ?The Fire?, releases to all major online music retailers on March 22nd.

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?I?ve been tested by the universe so many times in my life and I refuse to back down,? continues Mimi Imfurst from her home in Philadelphia. ? She describes being on RuPaul?s Drag Race as both amazing and difficult at the same time. ? ?I am so lucky for the many blessings it gave me but it literally deconstructed my world. I was forced to confront many dark corners of my life.?

Including being kicked out of her home as a teen after being assaulted by a school employee and out-ed as gay to her family. ??One never truly gets over the experience of having to beg for food, a place to stay, a shower, clean clothes.? I remember longing for someone with an ear willing to listen and a heart to understand what I was going through.

?Being homeless and LGBTQ was the very first fire I had to walk though,? she says.

Mimi found some comfort in listening to the soundtrack of the off-Broadway musical, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, about a fictional rock band fronted by a gender-queer singer.? It gave her hope that maybe she, too, might one day find her own voice and place in the world.? Mimi?s version of ?Wicked Little Town? from the show is included on The Fire as a tribute to her years on the street.

She hopes it ? and the nine other songs on the album – will inspire listeners to stand up when the world runs you over; stay strong and let your fire burn bright. ??No one can see you shine in the dark,? she says.

Mimi Imfurst?s path to fame began Off-Broadway, where she has starred in several productions, including Boylesque, My Big Gay Italian Wedding, and Thank You for Being a Friend, a parody of The Golden Girls that she was staring in when she was cast on RuPaul?s Drag Race.? She rose to international prominence on the third season of the popular competition show and later returned for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

Since then, Mimi Imfurst has appeared on Big Ang, Celebrity Apprentice, The Howard Stern Show and Nurse Jackie (directed by Hedwig creator John Cameron Mitchell). She was featured in the web series Queens of Drag: NYC, alongside Bianca Del Rio, Lady Bunny and Sherry Vine.? In addition, Mimi Imfurst regularly performs as a stand-up comedian and has opened for Kathy Griffin and Mo’Nique.

Mimi?s burning passion and drive carries through into The Fire and in many of the album?s tracks including ‘So What’, a song she wrote about her unapologetic nature. ??I?m often misunderstood and I don?t care. ?I?m gonna be me. I?m gonna do what I do and do it well. What other people think is on them. ?I hope all my fellow outsiders will work to be themselves, no matter what.?

To support the release of the album, Mimi Imfurst is embarking on the LIVENATION DIVAS OF DRAG tour, an eighteen-city tour beginning March 25th through April 17th, where she will perform songs from The Fire.? For tour dates, visit www.theDivasOfDrag.com.? For more information on Mimi Imfurst and her new album, The Fire, visit www.mimiimfurst.com.