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Meet Clinton Paul

He’s 28… He’s different… He writes his own songs… He’s not afraid of taking risks… Meet Clinton Paul!

Clinton Paul, the controversial Electro-Pop artist from a small island in the Mediterranean Sea called Malta, is spicing up the music industry with his own particular style. This 28 year old guy has been working quite hard in the studio on his first solo album, which will be released later on this year. The album will be called “I Know Who I Am Now”.

This year, Clinton Paul has already released three tracks from this project. The first single was called “Rebellion”. Accompanied by a music video, this single is available on the majority of Malta’s radio stations, as well as Melbourne’s Radio 3ZZZ. One can also download this track from all online download portals.

The second track released was “RRR”, a remix of the first track “Rebellion”. This release came out in two versions: Explicit and Clean.

The third track released this Summer was called “Robot”. One should also note the difference that this particular song has when compared to the rest of the tracks within his repertoire. This new song actually has somewhat of a dub-step feel according to Clinton Paul himself showing that he can be quite the versatile artist if need be.

Clinton Paul – Rebellion

Clinton Paul – Madhouse

Clinton Paul – Badass Soldier

Here is Clinton Paul’s message in support Bullying Awareness Week

To know more about Clinton Paul, one can visit his official website at www.clintonpaul.com.

You can also find him on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and MYSPACE