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Mackintosh Braun announce the forthcoming release of ‘Arcadia’

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Portland-based Mackintosh Braun are excited to announce the forthcoming release of Arcadia. The album will be released via Chop Shop Records on June 16th.?? Preview “We Ran Faster Then” HERE

Mackintosh Braun – “We Ran Faster Then”

Mackintosh Braun is?Ian Mackintosh and Ben Braun.??Arcadia is the follow up to?The Sound(2007) and?Where We Are?(2010).?And while the band’s popularity is still ascending, their music has already been warmly received. Since they met eight years ago, Mackintosh Braun’s songs have appeared on TV shows including?Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl,?Chuck,?Rubicon, and?How to Make It in America. “Never Give In” was featured in the film and on the soundtrack of?Veronica Mars.

With influences like Prince, MGMT, Depeche Mode, and M83, the combo of Ian Mackintosh (on vocals, guitars, and keys) and Ben Braun (on vocals, bass, and keys) becomes what the band calls ?pop music that had an illegitimate baby with a synthesizer.? And their respective histories in music are even more of a symbol of this fusion: with Mackintosh having starred as an extra in “Say Say Say? (Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson) and Braun having grown up with father, Michael Braun (longtime drummer for Hall & Oates).

Their new release Arcadia, is set to drop on June 16 via Chop Shop records and was produced by Lars Stalfors (Mars Volta, Matt & Kim, Cold War Kids). From Arcadia, listeners will find 11 tracks that mix the sounds of throwback chart-toppers, crystallized modern dream pop, and anthemic ballads. Each track on the forthcoming record acts as its own story about life?s most underappreciated moments: waking up from dreams; being caught up in a moment; flying on a plane; secret spots with your favorite human; and that time in your life when you realize you?re growing up and you don?t want to at all–something our favorite Breakfast Club knew all too well.

Mackintosh Braun …blend crisp, sophisticated production with sharp, emotive songwriting…this is the kind of music you can break a sweat to on the dance floor?with a new crush then play the next day to console yourself if they don’t call. “? ABC.com

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