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Latin Singer Ricky Martin Meets With Uruguayan President Jose Mujica

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin had a meeting with Uruguayan Presidency pro-secretary Diego Canepa during a press conference at the Ejecutiva Tower in Montevideo.

Ricky Martin, who is in Uruguay presenting his “MAS” tour met with Uruguayan President Jose Mujica to talk about his campaign against child sexual abuse and white-slave trade.

The Associated Press has the report in spanish, here’s the Google translation:

Ricky Martin has returned to Uruguay after 14 years and President Jos? Mujica received him on Wednesday to discuss his campaigns for children.

After his meeting with Mujica, the artist of 39 years was defined himself as an activist and he said that human rights “are very important for him”

“If I”m able to talk with the leaders who believe in equality in many ways, how could I not do it?” Said Puerto Rican Martin.

The pro-secretary to the presidency, Diego Canepa, said the singer and Uruguayan President talked about some issues on the Mujica’s path and the social campaigns undertaken by the singer foundation to protect children rights.

The singer spoke about the project “People For Children” by the Ricky Martin Foundation, which works in Puerto Rico against trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. The project seeks to extend its action to other parts of the Americas.

“I do not (intend to) change the world, but I will do everything that I can so children can grow up with a good sense and meaning of the word love,” said the author of such hit songs as “Vuelve,” “Maria” and “Living La Vida Loca “

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