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Holly Elle Unleashes Her Latest Hit “Mirage”?

Holly Elle

Nashville?s Pop Star Releases the Telling Single of Love in Limbo

Nashville, TN ? Music City?s Holly Elle?returns with a new captivating single, ?Mirage,? that digs deep into a vulnerable space that is incredibly identifiable with feelings of frustration in a rocky relationship. Stepping in a slightly new musical direction, Holly Elle proves to be a force that is unpredictable in the best way possible. ?Mirage? is now available for free download on SoundCloud.

Holly Elle teamed up again with Isaac Hasson?(Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez) after enjoying a successful collaboration on her previous singles, ?Lifeline? and ??Lose Control.? While her last release was an urban party anthem, ?Mirage? moves with a cool and tranquil sound, pairing a crunchy, industrial synth beat with her sultry vocals. The result is an addictive combination that will stick with fans long after the first listen. Elle evokes the sentiment of an uncertain lover with the hook, ?is this love a mirage?? The idea of seeing an unreliable lover everywhere, haunted by the thought that he may disappear at any moment paints a melancholy picture. While her catalogue tends to showcase strength, liberat ion and fearlessness, Elle shows a softer side with this song while still maintaining the intensity she is known for. Each time the chorus repeats, the tension in her voice escalades and builds to a dramatic fade in echoes. The connecting theme in all Elle?s work is a flair for theatrics that sets her apart from other pop artists. ?We focused on creating a distinct vibe, which I hope comes through in the music and vocals,? Elle commented. ?This track should feel like stepping into a different world.? ?Mirage? demonstrates Holly Elle?s powerful vocals and clever writing in a new light that shines beautifully in an overcast landscape of maudlin confusion.

Hailing from Chestermere, Canada, Holly Elle relocated to Nashville to pursue a career in music. Since moving to Nashville, she has received a Bachelor?s degree in Music Business at Nashville?s acclaimed Belmont University in addition to joining Music City?s creative community. Elle has performed at clubs, showcases and writers rounds in the famed music capitol. She has performed at the Atlanta Pride Festival with approximately 250,000 patrons looking on, as well as SXSW and The Red Gorilla Festival, to name a few. Her music has been licensed by several shows on the MTV and Oxygennetworks, and she was named one of the Hot 100 Unsigned Artists by Music Connection Magazine.

Holly Elle?s adventurous approach at pop music is a breath of fresh air in every direction she choses to pursue, and that?s exactly what makes her so worth following. Her music can hold an unforgiving ferocity for revenge or a more subdued broken heart; either way it is always worth your while. Be sure to download ?Mirage? free download on?SoundCloud?and check out her other singles and videos at www.HollyElle.com!

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