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French Horn Rebellion to release ‘Next Jack Swing, Pt. 1 (Remixes)’ on May 29?

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French Horn Rebellion will release Next Jack Swing, Pt. 1 (Remixes), a double album featuring previously unreleased mixes, on May 29th from Ensemble Records. The album is now available for?pre-order. Late last year FHR released?Next Jack Swing, Pt. 1, which featured collaborations with a wide array of talent including St. Lucia, HAERTS, The Knocks, Jody Watley and Ghost Beach. The upcoming brand new album?Next Jack Swing, Pt. 1 (Remixes)?features mixes from the likes of Justin Faust, Blende, The Soundmen, John J-C Carr, Autograf, AIMES, Le Chev, JD Samson and more. The album also features a special French Horn Rebellion Continuous DJ Party Mix! A full tracklisting is below.?

French Horn Rebellion?is?Robert and David Perlick-Molinari, two Brooklyn-based brothers born and bred in?Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 2007, while hanging on a heartstring and daydreaming of Beaches and?Friends, Robert had been playing French horn in the Chicago Civic Orchestra, got restless and decided?to turn all attention to making dance music. After informing his conductor that Mahler isn?t fun?anymore, Robert asked bassoon-toting older brother, David, to share this epiphany of self-emancipation. French Horn Rebellion?s?mission to deliver NextJackSwing to the masses begins here.?Next Jack Swing is a genre we?ve created from the ?New Jack Swing? or ?Swing Beat? tradition of the?late 80?s and early 90s, but using today?s technology to make the beats heavier, with funkier bass?lines, and of course, putting in our own flair…” begins Robert with a knowing, mischievous tone. David?finishes the missive, “…It’s New Jack’s kid brother seasoned by sweaty, basement dance-rages of?eternal groove. It exposes everything we love about dance music!?

French Horn Rebellion fan favorites like “Girls,” “Caaalifornia,” “Last Summer,” “Johnny Smash,” “Swing?Into It” or the band’s inspired cover of The Human League’s perennial classic, “Don’t You Want Me”?continue to cement their NextJackSwing global takeover aspirations in the studio and on the road.

Next Jack Swing, Pt. 1 (Remixes) Tracklisting:
Disc 1:
1. French Horn Rebellion & Savoir Adore – The Fire (Autograf Remix)
2. Swing Into It (Chordashian Remix)
3. Friday Nights (Bronx Night Dub)
4. Don’t You Want Me (John J-C Carr Remix)
5. Girls (Rogue Vogue Remix) [feat. JD Samson & Fat Tony]
6. Caaalifornia (ft. Ghost Beach) [Quinten 909 Remix]
7. French Horn Rebellion vs Database – Poster Girl (Justin Faust Remix)
8. Dancing Out (ft, Jody Watley & Young Empires) [Blende Remix]
9. Love is Dangerous (Killy Cakes Remix)
10. You’re All Right (ft. St. Lucia) [The Soundmen Remix]

Disc 2:?
11. The Fire (Rubber Ross Remix)
12. Love is Dangerous (Chrome Canyon Remix)
13. Friday Nights (Rush Midnight Remix)
14. Caaalifornia (ft. Ghost Beach) [Solidisco Remix]
15. Swing Into It (ft. HAERTS) [AIMES Remix]
16. Dancing Out (ft. Jody Watley & Young Empires) [AKA JK FSRS GO! Remix]
17. You’re All Right (ft. St. Lucia) [Le Chev Remix]
18. Love is Dangerous (FHRekles Remix)
19. Friday Nights – (John J-C Carr Re Edit) (Original)
20. Caaalifornia (ft. Ghost Beach) [The Soundmen Remix]

+ + 21. Next Jack Swing Pt. 1 The Remixes (Continuous French Horn Rebellion DJ Party Mix)
?Take a cue From French Horn Rebellion and Embrace Your Inner Band Geek”?-?Mashable
?Next big thing???-?The?New York Times
?Irresistible, panting synth-pop, with fat new wave key tones and ecstatic vocals.??-Pitchfork
?Warp speed eclectic??-?Time Out London

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