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Expectations And Speculations About Madonna’s New Album

The ultimate queen of pop Madonna is recording a new album which of course has sparked a lot of expectations and speculations among fans.

Madonna’s music direction for her new production is still uncertain but here are some indications about the kind of tunes she may create.

Idolator has the scoop:

Reports Digital Spy (via Madonna fan site Queen Madonna), Madonna has turned down the opportunity to work with heavily sought-after producer RedOne (who produced Born This Way as well as more songs than we have room to mention) in favor of collaborating with up-and-coming talent.

?She?s the writer of almost all of the new lyrics,? a source claims. ?Producer Joe Henry is involved in two songs so far. Most of the other producers are not so famous. Her record company wanted her to work with renowned producers such as RedOne, which she refused to do.?

Joe Henry, by the by, is Madonna?s brother-in-law, and is usually associated with bluesy rock (Aimee Mann, Elvis Costello) than pop. MTV also reports that French electro producer Martin Solveig (Dragonette) has been working with Madge on her new album.

Her musical inspirations this time around are reportedly?Jessica 6, Beth Ditto and The Sound Of Arrows. Diagram Of The Heart have also sent in a demo that Madonna has already recorded (reportedly titled ?Way Back Home?) that ?starts off with some piano and violins then [turns] into a dance track.?

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