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Elephant: Gay Twins Who Kill Taboos

They’re gay, rapping identical twin brothers. Dark and edgy, but with a twist of humor.

Twin brothers Jackson and Coleman Vrana are a punk-infused hip hop duo who’ve made their splash in Hollywood as a fearless band breaking many barriers and crossing many lines. Their music is raw and simple, and the topics covered tend to be taboo on every level. From tracks like “Notorious H.I.V.” to “The Tranny Step,” they make LGBT culture look something like that acid trip that nearly killed you.

Elephant statement:

To fight for your own identity is to fight for everyone?s. Our message is in our DNA. Being yourself and embracing it, owning it, maybe the message of Elephant–but more importantly–could be the meaning of life itself. Although we?re not particularly philosophical as musicians, it?s unavoidable when explaining this great big holy mess. We find that people often ask us the same questions. ?How the fuck did this happen?? ?What exactly happened to you??

Whether or not this is a good thing (we?re still unsure), it seems that we?re one of those bands that almost requires an explanation. If we tried to explain exactly how we became ?artists?, that?s easy: we were born with passion that we best express through music. But, that?s not what people want to know. What they?re really after is the dirt: did we both come out of the proverbial closet at the same time and–as a sort of therapeutic release—air our angst-ridden tales of rowdy bathroom stalls, heroin binges, month-long hunger strikes, and the like? Maybe.

Maybe it was years of feeling like we couldn?t survive high and certainly couldn?t survive sober that have opened our eyes to this mindset of ?not giving a fuck? about anyone else?s opinions, judgments or suggestions. Dark roads tend to do that. Or this could all simply be a fated part of our path. Since the moment of conception it seems that path has been headed toward a?hopefully?deeper understanding of what?s important to us as individuals. Elephant is our way of embracing that identity. If we can?t embrace it, how will we get down that long road to higher self-discovery?

Maybe that?s how this happened,

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