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Electronic Musician Arca Covers The Fader’s 94th Issue

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Electronic Musician & Yeezus Contributor Opens Up On Collaborating with Bjork, His Upcoming Album, and on Love in His First Interview in Nearly Two Years.

The October/November issue of The FADER will be available on newsstands on October 21

Today, The FADER has announced that Venezuelan-born musician Alejandro Ghersi, the artist who performs and records as Arca, is featured on the cover of its 94th Issue in his first interview in nearly two years. This announcement comes just before the release of Arca’s first official full-length solo album, Xen, conceptualized and named after a fictional alter ego of his (November 4th on Mute Records), and on the same date as TheFADER.com premiere of the official video for his track “Thievery” from the forthcoming album.

Take a look at the article and video, both online now
: http://www.thefader.com/2014/09/30/arca-producer-xen-interview-cover-story

On His Improvisatory Recording of Xen:
?I made this music in states that I didn?t really have full control over,? he says. ?It was like first thought, best thought. I didn?t even know what I was going to make before I sat down…Whenever I made something that I was really happy with, the first or second time I listened back to it, it would almost be as if someone else made it. And in that state I would always feel connected to my childhood self again, and I would feel a lot softer and more feminine. Xen is not really a boy and it?s not really a girl, and her mere existence is kind of repulsive and attractive at once, and so I imagine her under a spotlight, in this room full of people just staring, wide-eyed, openmouthed.?

On Coming Out:
?For some reason I would write all these love songs, even though I didn?t know what love meant. I wasn?t even very sexually charged back then. In fact, I was very, very closeted. I knew from a very, very early age that I was gay, although in the social environment in Venezuela, you don?t ever let that be known. I was kind of always prepared to never come out…I just imagined myself marrying and just playing that role, I think. I remember praying for it to stop. I prayed that I would become straight or something…

?[Coming Out] was like jumping off a cliff…My survival instincts?everything I?d trained myself to do? were telling me not to do it, but something inside of me drove me forward. You jump off a cliff because you know that when you land, and you crash like a bunch of Legos and you fall apart, you?ll pick up the pieces that are left of you. But you don?t reattach the ones that are not useful to you, that don?t feel like they?re you. Every time you jump, you have this opportunity?this really beautiful, fertile, uncomfortable period?where you?re not whole, but your essence is helping you attach things onto you, things that inspire you, things that you think are full of life. That?s kind of like what happened to me.?

On His Collaboration with Kanye West on Yeezus:
?There was really no constant other than the fact that at the end of the day, [all the music we made] went through him…It?s not something I ever planned or was ever trying to make happen, but it was just, like, a complete change in my life?putting myself in a high pressured situation just to see what would happen. It was a lot of coming up with design, like solving riddles. If the song called for something aggressive, it was up to three or four people to design what in their head was the best solution for that aggression in that moment. Everyone would approach it in completely different ways, and ultimately, it would all be edited by Kanye himself. In a weird way, he kind of produced it. Not only did he select it, but he stylized it.?


27th November??????? ICA, London
28th November??????? Rotonde, Brussels
1st December????????? Point Ephemere, Paris
4th December ???????? OT301, Amsterdam
5th December ???????? Kantine/Berghain, Berlin

Xen tracklisting
1. Now You Know
2. Held Apart
3. Xen
4. Sad Bitch
5. Sisters
6. Slit Thru
7. Failed
8. Family Violence
9. Thievery
10. Lonely Thugg
11. Fish
12. Wound
13. Bullet Chained
14. Tongue
15. Promise