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Cold Specks Debuts New Single ?Bodies At Bay?

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OUT AUGUST 25th, 2014

Cold Specks, aka Al Spx, will release a new single ?Bodies At Bay? through Mute on?September 2nd, 2014. The follow up to ?Absisto,? ?Bodies At Bay??is propelled by shifting rhythms and pulsating hooks and taken from the forthcoming album ?Neuroplasticity??? to be released on?August 25th, 2014. Listen to the single?here.

Cold Specks, recently previewed much of ?Neuroplasticity??during an intimate fan show at The Lexington in London: The Line Of Best Fit wrote,??Based on tonight?s performance, not only is [Cold Specks?] upcoming album likely to replicate and expand on their successes, but their command over their own material will only continue to strengthen.?) Cold Specks will perform at?Afropunk Festival?August 23rd, at Commodore Park in Brooklyn, NY.

Cold Specks, aka Al Spx, has returned, two years and a world map of tours after 2012?s?I Predict a Graceful Expulsion.?Hailed as a masterful and wholly original debut, the follow-up is radically expanded. The 26 year-old Canadian singer, under the sobriquet Al Spx, began work on Neuroplasticity?while holed-up in a cottage in Wick, Somerset, UK during the winter of 2012. ?The record was mapped out in the cottage. I was there for about three months,? she says, ?’A Formal Invitation’, ‘Old Knives’ and ‘Absisto’ were essentially written there. They are the more unusual songs on the record. I may have been reflecting on my surroundings. Have you ever been to Glastonbury? It’s a pretty fucked up place.?

When Cold Specks wasn?t writing or touring, she was pinballing between asks from an enviable roll call of collaborators and award panels. Shortlisted for the Juno Award and Polaris Prize, Spx also worked on Moby?s album and was invited to play with Joni Mitchell at the singer?s 70th?birthday last year, alongside the likes of Herbie Hancock. She contributed to Ambrose Akinmusire’s new record for Blue Note and the latest Swans album??To Be Kind.??These last two partnerships have left a significant impression on??Neuroplasticity?. The indomitable Swans founder Michael Gira appears midway through on ?Exit Plan,? and Akinmusire joins him on the intense closer ?A Season of Doubt? as well as permeating most of the record with trumpet lines of an anguished, cracking frailty.

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