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Cher Records Lady GaGa’s Track

Cher has announced via Twitter? that Gaga wrote? a song called “The Greatest Thing” for her new album, Cher tweeted that she had finished recording the track for her upcoming CD. Cher also said she would love to do a duet with GaGa, and we are sure it will happen eventually because Cher and Lady Gaga are besties!

Cher@cher No Where have I said that GaGa & I r Doing a duet ! Would I love it ? Of Course !!! If I hear something you’ll b the 1st to know !
Cher@cher Wait ! I would love duet with GaGa, but She Gave Me GREAT Song & I’m beyond Grateful!!!! It’s called ” The Greatest Thing “
Cher@cher Just walked in from studio ! I Finished 1st track on new cd &……..”GAGA ” ” YOU ARE THE GREATEST THING TO ME “
Cher@cher lovelies ! I have something tell u thats So Great I don’t know exactly how 2 say it ! been keeping it secret 4 long time

Listen to Gaga sing the demo version of “The Greatest Thing”