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Anthony Starble Fascinates with EP, We Need To Be Loved, Displaying Raw Emotion In Its Purest Form

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Los Angeles Based Singer-Songwriter and Pianist Unveils Sophomore EP

Los Angeles, CA ? The mesmerizing and captivating vocal and lyrical abilities of singer-songwriter Anthony Starble, have returned in a top-notch performance on his latest EP, We Need to Be Loved, now available on iTunes. Last month, the classically trained and exceedingly gifted artist released his single and music video, ?Oh Father?, that ripped through the Internet, making it a viral sensation in the LGBT community. The video pierced through the hearts of thousands with his cutting lyrics, which storm your emotions instantaneously.

Produced Jon Sosin and Anthony Starble, We Need To Be Loved?EP is a collection of songs about the desire for attentiveness and what it means to accept the integral role that love plays in our lives. The first single off the EP, ?Oh Father? stung listener?s hearts, as Anthony poured his emotions into the ballad, urging his father to accept him for who he is. Complimenting the profound lyricism, the music video is set within the boxing world and demonstrated the struggle of a son seeking acceptance for being gay from his rigid father. Continuing the expressive roller-coaster on his latest EP, Anthony again exhibits his innate ability to glut your heart with humble raw emotion.

Tackling the taboo topics of everyday life and lost loved, no subject is off the table. ?Our Love is Lonely? starts with a melodic piano introduction for his lover with sharp lyrics that ring, ?I loved you more then the day before, but what?s it all for if I am still lonely?. The title track examines the basic concept of love, as he croons the significance and necessity within humankind to find love and have people that love you enough to pick you up when life gets its hardest. Anthony sings, ?I will lift you up, just to show you how much you are worth?cause we need to be loved by someone else.? Reflecting on the EP, Anthony says, ?it starts with the reflective, yet ultimately optimistic ‘We Need To Be Loved’, then journeys to the pleading and emotional. Ending the collection is ‘Our Love is Lonely’ which is as reflective as ‘We Need To Be Loved’, yet highlights our dependence on attachment to people we care about and outlines the acceptance of all the hardships and loneliness that come into play as part of the whole emotional experience?.

Raised in the small Colorado town of Evergreen, Anthony Starble discovered music at a young age as a creative art and emotional outlet. Teased for being both gay and overweight in school, Anthony propelled the negativity into lyrics which would eventually become award winning.? He began to excel when he became captivated with the piano at the age of nine, playing for hours on end, as his mother would eventually pry his hands away each night.? At age eleven, Starble began winning competitions at a statewide level.? He was accepted into Denver School of the Arts where he attended high school and it was during this time that the inspiration to begin writing songs was initiated.? In 2005, Berklee College of Music awarded Starble as winner of their illustrious songwriting competition.? In pursuit to fulfill his dreams, Starble moved to Los Angeles to continue his education at the California Institute of the Arts focusing on songwriting and composition.? While studying to receive a Bachelor?s Degree in Music from CalArts, Starble was discovered by Brandon Slavinski?(Drew Seeley, Ser?Darius Blaine and Morgan Lily) who approached him with the opportunity to record his own EP,?Living in Layers, released in 2011.? Since then, Starble has worked alongside artists such as Beck, Ben Lee and Kristen Chenoweth.? His music has been featured on ABC Family?s hit show ?Pretty Little Liars? and is soon to be featured on ?The Fosters?.

Anthony Starble is an artist with the extraordinary capability to hit you emotionally, where it hurts. A live show with him is a room full of people moved by innermost emotions, without leaving a dry eye in the room. Starble wears his heart on his sleeve with genuine lyrics that cause compassion within the listener.? Keep up to date with Anthony?s journey by visiting www.Facebook.com/AnthonyStarble. Purchase the collection of heartrending ballads from We Need to Be Loved now on iTunes.

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